Smooth traveling Saturday during Roanoke's first snowfall

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Everything was on time at the airport Satuday morning, arrivals and departures included.

Airport officials said the runways remained clear, and they didn't predict that snow accumulation would be a problem for the remainder of the day. They did remind passengers to give themselves plenty of time to get to the airport because of unfavorable road conditions.

As part of their prep for take-off, airport officials cleaned the wings and bodies of some planes - ridding them of a dusting of sticky snow.
Inside the quiet airport, a handful of folks were preparing to depart.

"My friends were worried," said local traveler Fern Henley. "I wasn't worried."

Henly got to the airport early.
She was headed to California.

"I knew I wasn't going to Chicago," she said laughing. "I only get worried when I go to Chicago."

Another flyer was headed to warmer weather.

"I'm going to Cresent Beach," said Mark Matheson. "School was out Friday and I was headed to the beach Friday night."

Well - that was his plan.

Airport officials say Friday night's weather across the region did affect flights to Atlanta and Charlotte.

"Well we get down here and the flights are delayed, delayed canceled, cancelled," Matheson said. "I had to go find a hotel room here in Roanoke."

Airport spokesperson Bradley Boettcher said Saturday morning the schedule was clear and everything was expected to be on time. But he said they wanted to remind passengers to give themselves plenty of time to get to the airport.

Now that Matheson had plenty of time until his flight Sunday, he said he'd plan on making the most of it in Roanoke's first snow of the season.

"We're going to go hit a Christmas movie and go to a couple restaurants," Matheson said. "And hey, we're on vacation so it'll just be in snowy Roanoke instead of in sunny Florida."