Snow causes crashes, other issues in Carroll County Friday

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CARROLL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Snow had been building Friday in Carroll County, starting in the morning and continuing over night.

It caused some problems for drivers on Interstate 77, especially semi truck drivers.

I-77 looked like it wasn't taking much damage from the snow, as the roads were clear. But they were still slick and wet, along with slush along the sides of the road.

Early in the afternoon, a semi looked to be taking a break from the weather. Turns out, it was a break down, and a tow truck had to come get it.

Later in the evening, at a very windy section of the interstate, another semi blew through the guard rail and turned on it's side

No one was reported hurt, but it's believed the slick roads contributed to this crash.

V-DOT declared the scene clear, but the truck still remained tipped over on it's side.

And more importantly for other drivers, the section of guardrail taken out was still open, right on a turn on the interstate.

Other crashes like that around the New River Valley didn't do this much damage, but it was a difficult day for semi drivers in this weather.

In checking with V-DOT there were at least five reports of crashes and disabled vehicles along I-77 in Carroll County alone.

Luckily the weather didn't have such bad effects on events in the N-R-V. Nothing was reported canceled, Including the Craft and Vendor Christmas Show at the NRV Mall Saturday which will happen through rain or snow.

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