Snow means boom times for bread sales

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FLOYD, Va (WDJB7) Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor hail, the saying goes, will stop a mail man. But what about a bread man?

"Well it's a challenge."

Meet Greg Mills

"I started in Galax and I'm finishing up here in Floyd."

He's been delivering premium bread to the New River Valley for 11 years. And at this point, he knows bread is just about the first thing people buy when snow hits the ground

"I'd say sales is up on an average of probably 60% on a snowstorm.
That means more deliveries to places like the Floyd Country Store," he said.

Heather Krantz is co-owner there. She's been taking deliveries from Mills for four years.

"Even not so great weather he shows up with the bread," she said.

And, she says, that means something.

"His job matters to him!"

But the good times can't last for a bread guy.
The boom must be followed by a crash.

"They realize they bought too much so it slows down at the end of the week," said Mills.

But no matter the orders, and no matter the weather, you can probably find Greg Mills out there somewhere doing what he does best.