Danville is becoming the new snow capital of Virginia winters

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Wednesday's 8.8" snow in Danville made it into the Top 5 snowiest days on record for the city. Not to mention Danville once again leads the way with winter snowfall, with combined totals from this storm, and the December storm, topping 12" for the season. Compare that to Roanoke's measly 3.6" and Blacksburg's nearly 6" totals so far this winter.

If you recall, this isn't the only time Danville has had a big January snow. In fact, the past three years have featured snowfalls over 7" during the month of January.

7.8" on January 7, 2017
7.8" on January 22, 2016

The first big storm of 2018 brought plenty of fluffy snow to the region, but the biggest numbers fell across the Southside, where totals topped 9 inches in spots.

The storm had everything needed for some big numbers. The air was extremely cold for all fluffy snow, the ground was cold for sticking and the jet stream was moving right over the area, acting to lift that air and squeeze out every bit of snow it could. Since it was so cold outside, the snow was full of ice crystals, giving that sparkling look at night compared to the dull water-filled, wet snow we often see.

This also helped slow down the storm, producing the bigger totals over the Southside, and another swath of higher totals toward the VA/NC border near Patrick, Floyd and Carroll counties, where totals reached 4" in spots.

In Roanoke, the forecast was for a coating up to 1". In Roanoke City, the official measurement was 2.1" as the storm ended. In south Roanoke, near Cave Spring, totals were closer to 3.

Roanoke City 2.1"
South Roanoke 3.0"
Lynchburg 4"
Danville: 8.8"
Blacksburg: 2.5"
South Boston 10"
Phenix 6.5"
Meadows of Dan 4.5"
Snow Creek 5.5"
Chatham 7.0"