Some scooters to return in spring, unclear about others

Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 7:19 PM EST
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Electric scooter companies are pulling their wheels off the streets of Roanoke.

Lime said they’ll be back for the spring, but it’s unclear right now what’s happening with the Bolt scooters.

Lime announced Monday they’ll be pulling their scooters off the streets of Roanoke for the season.

"As we do with many cold-weather markets, we'll suspend operations over the winter,” Lime Spokesperson Robert Gardner said. “We've been thrilled by how quickly Roanoke residents embraced Lime and we look forward to returning in the spring."

“They’re kind of going into hibernation, if you will, for the winter,” Roanoke City Planning Director Chris Chittum said.

Meanwhile, the other electric scooter company, Bolt, has not said what’s happening with its fleet.

“Bolt - we are unclear what their plans are at this point,” Chittum said.

“They have not indicated they are pulling theirs off.”

The city said Bolt picked up the scooters for maintenance sometime last week but said they would only be off the streets for a few days.

As of Tuesday morning, the Bolt app does not show any available scooters out to ride.

“I mean we have issued a permit that enables them to, it certainly doesn’t require them to be on the street. That’s our position, we will be glad to see them back when they reappear,” Chittum said.

Both Lime and Bolt have only been in the Star City for a few months, and the community appears to be embracing them.

“They’ve had in excess of 10,000 rides, so people are using them,” Chittum said.

The city explained their main complaint with the scooters is about parking. The scooters need to be parked along the side of the sidewalk, but are sometimes left blocking the pathway.

Chittum hopes the public takes their parking into consideration and will be more vigilant in the spring.

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