South Boston Public Library to close Friday due to termites

Published: Mar. 8, 2018 at 3:57 PM EST
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If you frequent the South Boston Public Library, you won't be able to go Friday.

It was last week when one of the workers at the library noticed something strange.

"Noticed some little piles of dirt and, kind of like wood shavings in the floor and around some windowsills," says Library Director, Jay Stephens.

The worker also saw some insects he thought looked like termites. Because the building is owned by the town, he called town officials and they sent an inspector.

"He took a look at things and yep, it's termites," says Stephens.

The outside of the building was treated Monday, and Friday, the inside will be treated.

The library director says patrons of the library shouldn't be concerned.

"It seems, so far, like they're confined to a small area, mainly toward the front of the building on one side, so it doesn't seem to be, at this time, too terribly widespread," he says.

The main concern is making sure the termites don't get into the books.

"Obviously termites eat wood, and books are made of paper, which is just another form of wood, so we've been watching the shelves near where we found them to make sure we don't see any in the books, and so far we haven't," says Stephens.

If someone needs to use the library on Friday, the Halifax branch will be open.

The library director says if everything goes as planned, they will be back open on Saturday.