Special prayer service held for victims of Lynchburg shooting

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- An "Emergency Family Prayer" service was held Friday night at Higher Heights Cathedral in Lynchburg, and dozens showed up to share their grief and pray for the victims of a shooting Thursday that left one student dead and another hospitalized.

Dozens attended a special prayer service for the victims of a shooting Thursday in Lynchburg that left one teen dead and another injured.

Two E.C. Glass seniors were shot off Yorktown Avenue on Thursday night. Dre'yon Browley died at the hospital. the football player was only two weeks away from graduation.

A suspect is in custody, but no name has been released because the suspect is not an adult, police said.

The church, located directly across from E.C. Glass, offered an opportunity for those in mourning to pray together and search for answers to the violence that rocked the school and claimed Browley's life. Another 18-year-old E.C. Glass student remains in stable condition.

"They didn't really bother people," said Shad'A Flannagan, a sophomore at E.C. Glass. "One is dead, and graduation is like, two weeks away."

Flannagan said the shooting has shaken the student body at Glass.

"They came to school and they did what they had to do," she said. "Knowing that they got hurt for nothing is hard."