Danville River District gets new pulse with Spectrum Medical

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) In Danville - the new Spectrum Medical Building opened Monday in the River District.

You never would have guessed this building that stands on the corner of Patton and Bridge Street was once a mill. 135 years after it first opened, it's now seeing patients.

"The community will feel a part of and feel proud of. A lot of people had family members that worked in this building and I think to see it reborn will be fun for people," Dr. Mark Hermann of Spectrum Medical said.

Spectrum Medical occupies the third and fourth floors of the building, combining their previous two locations into one integrated location.

"Clinical research, rheumatology, orthopedics, pain medicine, spine, physical therapy, all located together," Dr. Hermann said.

It's bright and modern looking.

Dr. Hermann says the integration and increased technology will make going to the doctor much easier for patients. Everything is digitized and available to everyone simultaneously.

"I think experiencing it by coming here and being a patient is, of course, what we're here for, but hopefully the community will enjoy it," Dr. Hermann says.

Dr. Hermann says the River District had appeal for the new building.

"It was kind of the up and coming space. This building, it's kind of a special building. It's a historic building of course, and was here and means a lot to a lot of people in Danville," Dr. Hermann said.

Danville Regional Medical Center will occupy the second floor. The first floor will be full of mixed tenants, including a restaurant.