Spectrum Sports Academy in Roanoke is giving away TWO free summer camps

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) This is the time of year when families start planning for summer camp.
There are literally hundreds of choices of both day and residential camps in our hometowns, but they can be expensive.

Shawn Good uses his playing experience from Virginia Tech and other schools to teach kids the fundamentals of basketball

Spectrum Sports Academy You could say Shawn Good knows his way around a basketball court.

"I've played basketball since I was probably six years old, I think. The first person I ever remember teaching me basketball was my father," says Good.

Good is well- known locally for his time playing at Virginia Tech.

Now as Camp Director for Basketball at Spectrum Sports, he teaches kids the fundamentals of the game, and a whole lot more.

"Basketball's more than just a game. You know I know I learned life skills from playing basketball, just how to work with people, how to deal with teammates, how to deal with coaches," says Good.

Spectrum Sports is now giving away two certificates for a free summer of camp.

One certificate will be awarded to a kindergartner through third grader for All Sports Camp.

The other is for a third grader through eighth grader for basketball camp.

But there's some homework involved.

To qualify, kids have to write an essay about what sports means to them.

"And who kind of led them to sports, and what sports really means to them. What it does for them, how they use it in the daily lives," says Good.

Whether it's basketball, or some other kind of sport, Good says kids need physical activity now more than ever.

"When we were kids, we were always outside and playing in the street and in the yard, and things have changed tremendously with safety and other things. I think this is a good, safe environment for kids to come, get a lot of physical activity, learn about basketball, or learn about all sports."

You'll find a link to enter the camp giveaway contest to the right of this story.