Spring Cleaning Tips: How to organize your closet!

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ROANOKE CO, Va. (WDBJ7) -- How do your closets look? Are they so packed or messy you sometimes can't find anything? That's how many of us feel, but one organizing expert says we're not alone.

One common problem is too many clothes in a closet including clothes you may never wear. Ann Custer of WOW Organizing sees this problem frequently when she's working with clients.

"If you have too many clothes," Custer said. "You are not alone" Ask yourself a simple question. "Do you wear them all?' Custer asked. "Statistics say we only wear 20 percent of our clothes."

When it's time to get rid of clothing Custer suggests asking yourself 'when was the last time you wore that item' and think about how that clothing could help someone who is less fortunate. When clients start thinking that that they realize they don't need it and someone else could benefit from it, Custer said

When Custer works with clients it may take several hours to finish a closet. "Normally a closet takes 3 to four hours. It depends on the client and how quickly they can make decisions," Custer said. "I never push them."

Custer also says there is no judgement when she works with clients. Everyone think their closet is the worst, but that's not the case A lot of people have unorganized, messy or crowded closets.

Once you've weeded out what goes- then it's time to organize what's left Categorizing clothing can help. "Put all of the short sleeves together, all of the long sleeves together, skirts, dresses, categorizing keeping like items with like," Custer said. "That way you can see what you have."

Custer also recommends some simple solutions such as using metal bookends to keep stacks of t-shirts and sweaters from toppling over on shelves. She also suggests putting all dirty socks into a mesh bag. That way socks don't go missing in the laundry.

Custer's business is called WOW Organizing and she hopes you'll be wowed when you see the before and after photos of closets she's worked on.

How do clients feel once their closets are done? "They're totally relieved that the burden is lifted off their shoulders," Custer said.