Spring fashion trends that will carry into summer

Who’s got spring break plans? Even if you don’t get any vacation just yet, one thing we can probably all agree on? Looking forward to some warmer temperatures, and the sunshine!

Paula Pekic with Bittersweet Boutique says get ready for color, sun dresses, and hats as the season changes.

But Pekic says before we break out the summer time apparel, look for some transitional pieces.

“Knowing how to layer for your body type for your style is really important, because layering is really big throughout the entire year, just kind of depends what kind of layering pieces you’re going to be using,” Pekic said. “Using more lightweight pieces in the springtime because there’s cooler days, there’s hotter days, even throughout the summer and into the fall, you want to have those cute, staple pieces.”

She goes on to say, “A cute jean jacket, a blazer, that’s comfortable you can wear it to work, you can wear it grocery shopping. Really for anything, and then having those pieces you can have more fun, just a little bit different you wouldn’t wear every day, pairing them back with your staple pieces you can wear all year long, is just really fun, and great for taking it into any new season.”

Caitlin Francis stopped by to try on a few of the trends, like a transitional white sweater with a layered necklace, shorts, and a wide-brim hat.

Neons are also on trend, and yellow is very popular in all shades. Pekik says two-piece sets will be seen this season into summer, and while it may look like a trend for younger women, anyone can pull it off, if they style it correctly.

“They’re often so flattering just because you can fit the top to one size, the bottom to a different size, you can really kind of work with your body because not everyone is the same throughout,” she said. “And then even just wearing the top with a pair of jeans, or the bottoms with a different kind of top, there’s so much versatility.”

She says although this might be intimidating to some, there are other trends this spring that are more universal.

“The athleisure stuff, the menswear stuff that really is whether you’re a young professional, an older professional, a teenager, really anyone can wear it,” she said. “It’s popular in New York, London, LA, all these big cities, but it’s also really popular in smaller towns, too. And I’ve seen it a lot more, people are getting more comfortable in smaller towns trying these newer trends, but finding their own interpretation of it.”

But what Paula Pekic says is most important as the season changes; step out of your comfort zone.

“Trying something new, I think people really get set in their ways when it comes to fashion, and you know fashion’s always changing, always evolving. Looking at something and being like, oh that’s not for me, like we saw with you and that one dress, you never know what it’s going to look like on you, give it a chance and might find something you’re really going to like down the line,” Pekic said.

If you’d like to see what Pekic offers at her shop, Bittersweet Boutique, you can visit any of the three locations, or shop online, at https://shopbittersweet.com/ .