State Water Control Board to hold Mountain Valley Pipeline meeting

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The State Water Control Board will hold an important meeting on the Mountain Valley Pipeline Friday in Richmond.

Board members are considering whether to revoke a key permit, following reports of excessive runoff and erosion.

Work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline started just over a year ago.

The company says it has worked to design a route with the least overall impact, and done its best to protect the environment, but opponents say the company's track record proves otherwise.

Dan Crawford is Chair of the Sierra Club's Roanoke Group.

"Let's face it, It's one thing for a developer like MVP to demonstrate knowledge of regulations and and their determination to do it right and do it well," Crawford told WDBJ7, "and it's quite another for their work after about a year to stand up to scrutiny. It hasn't."

Pipeline opponents say they have documented more than 300 violations of state regulations designed to control runoff and erosion.

In a letter to the board on Thursday, 10 organizations urged board members to move quickly to revoke the water quality certification, and stop all work while the review moves forward.

"It's their job to see that this project, MVP, is done properly," Crawford said. "That's their job, and so far they've failed miserably."

In a letter to the State Water Control Board, the Deputy General Counsel for Equitrans Midstream Corporation said it is has faced extraordinary challenges because of historic rainfall. And Todd Normane wrote it is fundamentally unfair to reconsider the project at such a late stage of construction.

Normane said there are better ways to address any new issues than another hearing process that likely would not be concluded until after construction is complete.

And he said that revocation would conflict with federal law, and decisions already made by federal agencies.

The State Water Control Board will meet at 10 the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel on Koger Center Boulevard. The meeting will not include an opportunity for public comment.