State lawmakers brief Roanoke Valley veterans

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) Roanoke Valley veterans have their eyes on Richmond, as lawmakers prepare for the new session of the General Assembly.

The Roanoke Valley Veterans Council held its annual legislative update at American Legion Post 3 Tuesday night.

The audience heard from Senators John Edwards and David Suetterlein, and Delegates Greg Habeeb, Chris Head and Sam Rasoul.

Perry C. Taylor Jr. is a member of the state's Joint Leadership Council.

"It's very important, especially coming off an election and it being a budget year, it's very important we let them know what issues concern us," Taylor told WDBJ7, "so we can fund all of the veteran programs and services that we feel are important."

Some of their priorities include: electronic absentee ballots for service members overseas, and tax benefits for disabled veterans, members of the national guard and military retirees.