State posts report about incident at Bedford County daycare facility

BEDFORD CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Back in July, a mother says her child suffered an electric shock while at the Bedford YMCA.

The mother says that shock happened back in late July. Since then, the Department of Social Services released their investigation findings.

Shannon Dominguez said, “I'm just glad that light was shed on the issue.”

Shannon Dominguez wants to move beyond what happened in July.
She says her three year old daughter -- Paloma -- stuck keys into a socket and may have been shocked at the Bedford YMCA.

Dominguez said, “You turn on the news, you see these horrible daycare things and you think this would never happen to me. But it can.”

The Department of Social Services conducted an investigation after the incident and posted the results online. It found that there were not electrical covers in the gym, and the injury report was not completely filled out.

Bedford YMCA's CEO Mary Jo Boone did not go on camera, but she says their intenal investigation found there was no proof the child was shocked. Social Services says its investigation also found nothing to back up the claims of a shock.

Dominguez has paperwork from Bedford Memorial Hospital where her daughter was treated for a minor 'electric shock' on the same day as the incident. She did not bring her daughter back to the center, and she's currently looking for other options.

“It's hard,” said Dominguez. “It's hard to trust again to wonder where you're putting your child.”

Now, she's encouraging all families to use the Department of Social Services website to look up inspection reports. She says the more information a parent has - the better.

“And had I known about all of these violations on this website, maybe it wouldn't have happened to me, had I paid attention, had I known.
The center has since put electrical covers on all of its outlets,” said Dominguez.