Stephen Curry wants to help Diddy buy the NFL's Carolina Panthers

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NEW YORK, NY (CBSSPORTS) -- Stephen Curry wants to help buy the Panthers. Team owner, Jerry Richardson, announced he would be putting the team up for sale at the end of the 2017 season following an investigation into Richardson for multiple harassment settlements. In what could have easily been seen as a tongue in cheek response, Rap star Sean 'Diddy' Combs said he would buy the team. However, his followup tweet made it sound like he was very serious.

Shortly after, Warriors star Stephen Curry said he would like to get in on this whole thing and put in his own bid for the Panthers. This could be the start of an ownership group to purchase the Panthers from Richardson.

Curry grew up in multiple places while his dad played in the NBA, but he most closely associates himself with the Charlotte area of the country. He went to Davidson for college, his dad is currently a color commentator for the Hornets, and Curry banged the "Keep Pounding" drum before the Panthers' Super Bowl appearance in 2016.

If Curry did have serious interest in this, he could probably submit a bid somewhere around $25 million after his most recent contract extension. Although one has to wonder if a current NBA player is allowed to be a partial owner of an NFL team. It doesn't make sense why he wouldn't be able to, but crossing the streams like this when it comes to sports can get weird.