'Stomp' performers talk with children about a life on stage

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Tuesday, Broadway was in Roanoke. The touring group for Stomp was in town for a show. Beforehand, they talked with some kids about what it takes to perform on stage.

A life in theater means many long days on the road.

Jeremy Price, Performer, said, “You don't see your own bed for months and months on end.”

Manny Osoria, Performer, said, “Yeah, it's been a while. Some of us are getting a little homesick right about now.”

They’ve been stopping in cities large and small, near and far. These performers have been bringing Stomp to thousands.

“It's about taking people away from their daily life just for a couple hours,” said Price.

Kriti Gupta said, “Seeing them perform was -- there's no words to explain it.”

Tuesday morning, Jeremy Price and this group showed off their skills and talked with kids at the Roanoke Children's Theater. Tuesday evening's pit stop at the Berglund Center is perhaps Jeremy's most important because every once in awhile, a life on the road leads home.

“I may actually be nervous tonight because I'll have a lot of family a lot of friends,” said Price.

Price is a Lord Botetourt grad who has been touring with Stomp for 14 years.

“I hope there's somebody out there that sees the show and then it triggers something in their head,” said Price. “I can do this or I can do something like that.”

All too soon, Jeremy will find himself back on the highway, but not before savoring this stop along the way.

“Because this is where I come from. I'm proud,” said Price. “It's a little place and I like when people get out and they do things.”

Stomp performed at the Berglund Center Tuesday evening for one show. This company will be on tour until the beginning of May.