Winter weather brought dangerous road conditions to the NRV, breakdown of crash reports

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)— The snow Mother Nature dumped on us Tuesday morning made for a tricky commute in the New River Valley. In 24 hours, VDOT responded to more than 80 crashes from Highland to Patrick County.

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Here’s a breakdown of crash data in some hometowns.
Data according to local police agencies

Montgomery County:
10 disabled vehicles
12 crashes, no injuries
2 crashes with injuries—one on Peppers Ferry Road requiring medical transport, the other on Prices Fork Road did not require transportation

City of Radford:
Police worked four accidents since midnight Tuesday.

Pulaski County:
Unofficially reports about 15 accidents, three with injuries.

Floyd County:
Two accidents.

Giles County:
About 20 accidents—these were concentrated in the Newport and Pembroke areas and the Pulaski and Giles County line
One accident with injury on Route 100—a woman was sent to the hospital.

Just because the snow stopped for the night doesn’t mean the potential for sliding is over. Still be sure to take your time as you drive in and around the NRV, because ice can form from thawing.

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