Storm damage in Grayson county

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GRAYSON Co., Va. (WDBJ7) Homeowners are assessing damage after a strong storm moved through Monday evening.
The storm took down trees, damaged cars, and even leveled buildings.
While the national weather service hasn't confirmed a tornado, some are wondering if one is to blame.
A road in Fries was covered completely in trees and neighbors worked together with their tractors to clear the street.
Justin Boyles has windows knocked out and holes in his home from the storm.
A tree also fell, totaling his home.
"Just a lot of cracking. Next thing you know I was getting an alert on my phone, tree's coming through the roof. It's like somebody took a baseball bat and just knocked all the trees down. It just happened in no time, 45 seconds and it was all over," said Boyles.
Down the road in Providence, the storm already forced a barn to the ground.
Luckily no one was inside, and the family living on the property says it was empty.
Family members described seeing the reported tornado as it rolled in.
"There was a line of clouds coming across the field, you couldn't see across the field, and it got real windy. So I brought the kids into the dining room and there was just a ripping sound, you could hear all the trees going over. It was pretty scary, " said Robert Davis.
Both Boyles and Davis say buildings can be replaced, but not people.
The Grayson County Sheriff says no one was seriously injured.
One person had pine trees fall on their car, but refused medical care.
Grayson county cancelled after school activities so no one would get caught in the storm.