Students host Communication Week at Radford University

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RADFORD, Va. Radford University students are showcasing their education all week after a semester of preparation.

Communication Week is a time for activities and speakers to present what the school of Communication has to offer at Radford.

Graduate student Rachael Ross said of her experience with the week, "During my undergrad I didn't think that I had a big emphasis on research. But [Wednesday] I listened the panel, seeing the stuff that I could do, seeing how I could take my papers further really helped me to decide that actually that's something I want to do."

The week is the culmination of a project done by students to prepare all the events.

Organizers said both communication students and others are able to take something from this week.

Radford Senior Tommy Morgan said, "I've gotten to meet with speakers, gotten to make connections with them as I'm actively on the job search so that I can network with them when I do make my move outside of college life."

Graduate student Kristina Contreras added about non-Communication students, "People are coming in to see what it's about and to listen to what it's about and then they can make a decision of, 'Hey if I want to get involved with that I can either get involved by changing my major or I can get involved by going and participating in one of the activities and supporting the school of Communication."

The big event of the week is a carnival kicking off at 8:00 Thursday night.