Study shows energy drinks cause serious health risks

(KWQC) – Energy drinks provide a quick energy boost but down the road can cause serious health issues both physically and mentally, according to a recent study.

The study, published in Frontiers in Public Health, says it provides a summary of scientific evidence on the impacts of energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull.

A wide range of long-term risks are identified, including increased blood pressure, obesity, tooth erosion, risk-seeking behavior, kidney damage, headaches, and mental health problems.

Regarding energy drinks, the study’s authors say “there is a significant lack of ED regulation in the U.S.” and that the way the drinks are marketed poses “a significant public health threat in the U.S. due to the size of their target adolescent market.”

The study also points out particular risks with the popularity of mixing energy drinks with alcohol, saying that evidence shows consumers tend to drink more alcohol because the energy drink “masks the signs of alcohol inebriation, enabling an individual to believe they can still safely consume more alcohol, leading to ‘awake drunkenness.’”

The authors say the findings show “policy makers should consider creating a separate regulatory category for ED, setting an evidence-based upper limit on caffeine, restricting sales of ED, and regulating existing ED marketing strategies, especially among children and adolescents.”