Sunday night's severe storms shutter businesses, close roads

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Severe storms barreled through our hometowns Sunday night, leaving in their wake power outages and at least one washed out road.

Folks in Buchanan were forced out of work Monday.
"Yep," said Mark Marsh, owner of the Buchanan Fountain and Grille. "IT pretty much put the whole town in a standstill."

Restaurants, shops and even the town itself left apologetic notes on their doors for prolonged power outages, freezing business and melting Marsh's ice cream.

"It's been holding temp up till now," he said, looking at the tubs of ice cream. "But now it's starting to lose and everything and starting to melt. So my plan is to hook up a generator and at least keep these two freezers running and save my ice cream."

His son hooked up the generator, but the tables and chairs at his soda fountain remained empty.

"We had a flicker of light, and a little bit of hope, and that hope went buh-bye," Marsh said.

Just forty minutes away people along Camp Jaycee Road in Bedford were temporarily stranded early this morning when rising creek waters overtook the road.

"I mean the rain came down in sheets, just in sheets," said Bobbie and Ray Fischer. "And the wind was horrible."

The water eventually washed the bridge out completely. Bethany Goad, on spring break from college, got up early to help her parents get to work, taking them one at a time in the family four-wheeler.

"Been shuttling my parents to their car and then it's been very boring," she said. "We're not allowed to really go no where."

VDOT crews spent the day opening one lane and posting signage.
It's not the first time they've been out here.

"You should have seen what we've been driving across the past month," said the Fischers. "It's been a mess. And then they came in here and fixed it up pretty good and then bam, this happens."

It's a temporary fix. VDOT said it could take weeks or months for the more permanent fix as they wait for the right materials to come in. Weather, also, is a factor.

The light traffic resumes over one road, however, but Goad's friend Kayla Wilhelm at least has an excuse for missing class.

"I feel like I'm just stuck here and I don't really know how to live like this!" she said laughing.

Goad, also giggling, sums it up.

"She from the city."