Superheroes take on Lynchburg 5k

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A cold and foggy morning couldn’t stop these superheroes from showing off their powers.

“The theme of this year’s race is every child needs a hero, but abused children need superheroes and that’s what our volunteers are," says Court Appointed Advocates (CASA) of Central Virginia Executive Director Allison Stronza.

Children and adults lined up at the starting line for this year’s 5K to support the volunteers

Volunteers like Joleen Booth.

“My daughter was injured when she was 16th months old," says Booth. "She was abused.”

Prompting Joleen to become a CASA volunteer.

“She suffered an abusive head trauma. Almost died. She spent 3 months in ICU. She’s blind, she can’t walk or talk. She suffers from cerebral palsy and lots of disabilities," Booth said.

Today, her daughter Juliana is 8 years old and participating in the race.

Booth says without CASA, it wouldn’t have been possible.

“They have helped in raising awareness for child abuse and reaching other parents and the community.”

Something Exec. Director Allison Stronza says, they strive to do.

“They make sure the kids don’t fall through the cracks. They build that relationship with them and then they advocate for them outside of the courtroom," says Stronza.

Making them true superheroes.