Supplies for holiday packages for military gathered in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) “As most ideas come together," says Jacky Hostetter, AmeriCare Plus, "It’s a: I wonder if we can do this, and then we usually pull it off.”

An idea inspired from personal experience.

“We have multiple team members that have family that are active duty in the military,” she explains.

Like Becky Tacy, who has a son-in-law overseas.

“They got married May 21st," says Tacy, Administrator at The Mayflower. "And he got deployed June the 16th.”

And since, she’s watched her daughter send off care packages.

“Just things from home,” Tacy explains.

Like coffee, candy, or gum.

“My daughter told me the other day, she said: Mom, can you do me a favor," Tacy remembers. "I said: what’s that? She said: can you go buy some popcorn. And I was like: Popcorn?! And she said: yeah, one of my son-in-law’s – that’s in his platoon, doesn’t have any family to send him care packages, and all he wanted was popcorn.”

Which made them wonder: why not bring a taste of home for as many of them as they could.

“We provide care to veterans in our communities in facilities all across the state of Virginia," says Hostetter. "So what better way to not only take care of the veterans when they’re retired and needing services in the home, but why not reach out and take care of them while they’re still actively serving?”

They’re collecting through next Friday, but just because they run out of time to send it off.

“Can’t get enough," says Tacy. "The more we can send, I think, the better they’ll have for Christmas.”

There's a list of what they need, and how you can get it to them, on AmeriCare Plus' website at: