Supporters of Bedford Amtrak stop hold rail-side rally

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) People who want a passenger train station in Bedford made their voices heard with an event Thursday morning.

The Bedford/Franklin Regional Rail Initiative organized a rail-side rally called "Next Stop Bedford."

Demonstrators held signs next to the train tracks as the Amtrak Northeast Regional passed by on its journey from Roanoke to Lynchburg.

Members of the Bedford/Franklin Regional Rail Initiative say they don't want Amtrak to continue passing by without making an extra stop in their community.

"A station Bedford would save almost 40 minutes of my time, so I would love to see it be here," said Jim Caskie, an Amtrak rider who is pushing for a stop in Bedford.

A study commissioned by supporters of a Bedford station in 2016 found the stop would generate 26,000 passengers annually for Amtrak.