Surveying resumes for Mountain Valley Pipeline

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Bent Mountain, Va. (WDBJ7) Landowners on Bent Mountain in Roanoke County are facing another round of surveying for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

And many who oppose the controversial natural gas pipeline project say the survey teams should not be allowed on their property until questions about notice, and the constitutionality of a state law allowing access are resolved in court.

Surveyors were turned away from one property early Monday morning, and later leaders of the survey team turned around to avoid a group of landowners who had gathered near another parcel on Bottom Creek Road.

Grace Terry owns property on Bent Mountain that has been in her family for six generations.

"The idea that they would have the right to enter your property when you've said that they don't have permission is still an issue that's very much in contention, and in question and has not been resolved," Terry told WDBJ7 Monday morning.

We weren't able to reach a pipeline spokesperson Monday afternoon, but MVP has said it's working within state law to determine the route with the least impact on landowners, the environment and cultural and historic resources.