Police charge suspect in Bedford Middle School fire

Published: Feb. 19, 2020 at 3:21 PM EST
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A suspect has confessed to his involvement in the case of the Bedford Middle School fire.

Back on February 14, Daniel Flint, 21, of Bedford was arrested for probation violation.

Wednesday, February 19, Flint was named for his involvement in the

and is being charged with burglary and arson.

The break in the case came after police released surveillance photos.

Investigators say a tipster spotted someone on a bike who resembled the person in the photos. "Somebody called us and gave us information that they saw somebody that looked like the same back of the head riding their bike to Food Lion and then Sergeant Dooley thought of it and said this might be the person that was riding their bike," Chief Todd Foreman said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Police say they took evidence from Flint's home in Bedford that helped determine his involvement in the fire.

Chief Foreman says recent break-ins and vandalism at the old school led them to install the security cameras. "We were lucky we had the camera in the building, because the camera and the photos we did have were helpful in finding this suspect," he said. "It's been very unusual for us because we've had leads from everywhere from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Maryland, all over the eastern shore. And they've been taking time to follow those up. Plus we've been working with our agencies, the FBI, helping with different ideas and the State Police looking through some other ideas," Foreman added.

Town leaders say they hope this brings closure to such a tragic event. "We're very gratified to have this story behind us. I just want to complement my colleagues, the police department, the fire department and the entire community," said Town Manager Bart Warner.

Officials believe Flint acted alone. No motive has been determined at this time.

The 21-year-old has been arrested in the past.

In 2016 he was accused of setting a propane tank on fire and shooting into cars, including one driven by WDBJ7 news reporter Tim Saunders.

He pleaded guilty to several charges relating to the incident.

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