Suspension lifted against Radford University frat involved in goat controversy

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) A suspension against a Radford University fraternity has been lifted following last month’s controversy surrounding a missing goat.

Alpha Sigma Phi still has a conduct hearing Friday at the school. Suspensions against three other frats were lifted on Dec. 21. Alpha Sigma Phi was notified January 10 that its suspension was being lifted.

"It was very disturbing that the University violated their own published policies to illegally suspend the chapter and deprive their students of basic due process rights,” Alpha Sigma Phi President and CEO Gordy Heminger said. “It is outrageous it took this long for Radford University to complete what should have been a very simple investigation, especially when there was never any evidence that any member of Alpha Sigma Phi, let alone Alpha Sigma Phi, harmed the goat.”

This follows reports that the fraternity and three others were involved with a goat that went missing.

"No laws were broken and no evidence ever existed of wrong doing yet because of the actions of Radford University, their students and our members have suffered irreparable damage to their reputations and that of the chapter and Alpha Sigma Phi," Heminger said. "All options remain on the table to seek restitution because of the actions of Radford University.”