Sweet Providence Christmas tree lot, 54 ft snowman move to new location

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - A popular Roanoke Christmas Tree lot made famous by a 45-foot inflatable snowman has moved locations this year.

The Sweet Providence Farms Christmas tree lot is now located in a parking lot near Kohls in the Hunting Hills Shopping Center, rather than Tanglewood Mall.

According to a representative from the farm, the location is due to the mall's new management.

Roanoke resident Terry Jackson explained as long as she's lived in Roanoke, she's always seen the giant inflatable snowman.

Many say the 45-foot inflatable Frosty the Snowman has been a staple in Roanoke for decades.

"It's just a good sign that winter is here and the holidays are here."

Each year Frosty had greeted people along Highway 220 near Tanglewood Mall, inviting people to buy trees from Floyd County Farm, Sweet Providence.

But this year, the space normally bustling with Christmas tree shoppers is empty.

Sweet Providence Farm employee Evan Kemp says they've had to move from their usual spot because of Tanglewood Mall's new management.

"They've asked us to switch locations, we don't know if that is a temporary change or a permanent thing that carries on year to year," said Kemp.

They are now set up a mile down the road.

Evan says some of their usual customers have found them by accident by spotting Frosty or shopping nearby.

"They just come in and say, where are you guys? We didn't see you guys at Tanglewood, is this the same place?"

Jackson, who stopped by to buy a wreath, likes the new location.

"I try to avoid large malls. I'm definitely a small business shopper and to me, this is better," she said.

Evan says they don't have bitter feelings for the management who asked them to move.

"Just a little bit of disappointment, with the lack of being able to make it work for small businesses," said Evan.

WDBJ7 has reached out to Tanglewood Mall's management Blackwater Resources for a comment.