‘Takeout Takeover’ supports Montgomery County service industry

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)— #TakeOutTakeOverMoCoVA is starting to trend in Montgomery County as folks help local businesses during this tough time. Turns out, your participation could get you a treat and keep the service industry afloat.

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At Eats Natural Foods in downtown Blacksburg, everyone is now required to wear gloves to shop and employees are more than willing to pick up your groceries for you.

“Every day we’re looking at information, we’re adjusting to that information and we’re trying to serve our customers, because ultimately that’s why we’re here, and keep our staff safe in the meantime,” said co-owner and manager Andrea Langston. “It’s because we want to make sure we provide as safe of an environment as we can in these challenging times and still allow people to get what they need.”

In the last few days they’ve implemented a curbside grocery pickup and delivery program.

“We are so fortunate to have such a great customer base and a loyal customer base who knows that we’re always putting their interest first,” Langston said. “I hope they know that and that what we want to do is make sure that we’re providing a safe environment where they can get what they need.”

They, along with other businesses across Montgomery County, are taking part in this social media campaign.

“What we’re doing is enabling ourselves to give out these gift cards by promoting this campaign and encouraging the public to get out and showcase what they can do with our local businesses here,” said Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.’s Executive Director Casey Jenkins.

Jenkins said it was an idea they developed, but they are collaborating and coordinating with merchant associations across the county, including Downtown Christiansbug, Inc., North Main, South Main and NRV Homegrown Business Alliance.

“Together we’re taking this on to attack the virus as best as we can, to help our local businesses across the county, so Christiansburg and Blacksburg, in a way that we can promote local business of any kind and really just do our part as merchant associations,” Jenkins said.

It’s really simple to get involved. All you need to do is snap a picture of what you bought, and post that picture on social media, tagging the business and using the hashtag ‘TakeOutTakeOverMoCoVA’. And that’s it.

By doing this you are automatically entered into a daily drawing at 8 a.m. for a gift card to a service industry retailer of your choice. You can be entered to win more than once and are allowed to post on social media multiple times per day.

“It’s a long hashtag, but it’s one hashtag that you gotta remember,” Jenkins said. “That post will go a long way, especially if they share it with their friends and people can get on board with this campaign.”

“It’s been really great to see so many local groups organizing to try and help the local businesses, we’re appreciative of that,” Langston said. “Call the local businesses because I know we’re not the only ones who are willing to help without coming inside the doors.”

The social media campaign runs until April 10. Jenkins said it’s the first big project these merchant associations are doing as a combined effort.

“Right now it’s not about anyone’s members or any jurisdiction, it’s about Montgomery County, and making sure we’re doing the best for all of our small businesses across Blacksburg and Christiansburg,” Jenkins said.

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