Talking through their worries can help children deal with new school year anxiety

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Back to School time is exciting for kids, but it can also cause anxiety.

We sat down with parenting consultant and school counselor Decca Knight to ask her about the best ways to help children cope with their worries.

Knight says it's important for kids to talk about their anxiety, such as right before bedtime, or while riding in the car.

One thing she says parents shouldn't do is minimize their child's concerns.

"So, they'll say 'don't worry.' Or they'll say 'it's going to be okay' . And although we're trying to reassure the kid that's sending a message to the kid that your fears aren't valid. And so instead you want to say 'okay, i understand you are overwhelmed that you're stressed, that you're scared. Let's make a plan for how to deal with that," says Knight.

Knight says role- playing and coming up with strategies ahead of time can help relieve a child's concerns.

And since kids often pick up signals from their parents, always be positive about them moving on to the next level.