Danville Regional Airport taxiway to get a facelift

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Danville Regional Airport is getting an expensive facelift.

The airport is completely repaving its taxiway beginning in March.

A report came back from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) giving the taxiway a "fair to poor" rating. The city's director of transportation says it's time that it gets redone.

"As the cracks evolve, the best approach is to mill it and resurface," says director of transportation, Marc Adelman.

Thanks to $3.1 million dollars in federal grant money and just over $86,000 from the city, the project is in the works.

"It's an important project. Our airport is very important to our economy particularly, bringing in potential clients, prospects. These improvements are overdue," says Danville City Councilman, Lee Vogler.

The taxiway will be milled, resurfaced and narrowed from 50 to 35 feet.

Between jet aircraft, recreational flying and the Averett Flight School, the airport sees about 19,000 flights annually.

"Every body that flies in to Danville Regional will most likely use taxiway to either go to the primary runway 220, or certainly any other runway," says Adelman.

This project may leave residents wondering, is this a good use of taxpayer dollars?

"It's a great investment for the future of our region. The airport is vitally important to for economic development and bringing in jobs and revenue for our region. We need to keep our airport up to date and modernized and this is just making sure we do that," says Vogler.

Work is scheduled to start in March by Apac-Atlantic Inc. out of Greensboro.

It's expected completion date is in the fall.

Danville City Council will vote whether to approve the ordinance appropriating the grant money and the city's matching funds at Tuesday night's meeting.

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