Teacher cuts waist-length hair to support 5-year-old girl bullied for short haircut

Published: Feb. 17, 2019 at 4:55 PM EST
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A Texas teacher went the extra mile for a student who was getting teased about her short hair, becoming the little girl’s hero in the process.

Priscilla Perez, 5, had a rough start to her school year in Shannon Grimm’s kindergarten class after her mom cut her hair short.

"About that time, friends started to call her a boy,” Grimm said.

Those words from her classmates cut Priscilla deep. She started wearing a hat to Meador Elementary School in Willis, TX, and would refuse to take it off.

"I would cry because I would think school was not fun,” Priscilla said.

It was an ongoing issue for the semester, but the 5-year-old eventually talked to her teacher.

"She finally came to me and said that she wanted her hair long, and I asked about her hair and she said that it was short underneath her hoodie,” Grimm said.

So, over the school’s winter break, Grimm decided to cut her long hair, which almost reached her waist, to a style that matched Priscilla’s hair.

Grimm says the new hairstyle did the trick. She also makes sure to wear matching bows with Priscilla every day to ensure the 5-year-old feels supported.

"I am going to do other things for my friends in my classroom other than just teach them. I am going to show them the love and support that they need in order to learn,” Grimm said.

Kindergarten student Prisilla Perez was a happy little girl when the school year began. However, after getting her hair...

Posted by Willis Independent School District on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Grimm says the entire class learned a forever lesson, but the bond between the teacher and Priscilla is even more special.

Grimm nominated the 5-year-old for the district student of the month award for her bravery, and at the Monday ceremony, Priscilla presented her teacher with a medal for being her hero, according to the school district’s Facebook page.