Teachers receive bottles of wine from parents with their son's picture on them

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BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WJZ-TV) -- Some parents may joke that their kids are the reason they drink, but one couple is remembering that their child’s teachers may feel the same way.

A couple from Dayton, Ohio decided to get their son’s elementary school teachers a special Christmas gift this year. The boy’s parents purchased a bottle of wine for each of the educators and replaced the label with a picture of their son. Under the boy’s picture was the message, “our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us!”

The boy’s brother, DJ Sommers, posted the gag gift on Twitter and it’s become an instant hit with social media users looking for funny ideas for presents. DJ’s post has has already been liked over 35,000 times since being shared with the world on Dec. 18. Sommers wrote that his parents get his brother’s teachers a gift every year but it’s usually just a small candle or flower.

“Best thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote one person on Sommers’ Twitter account. Other fans praised the bottle labels, while also relating to the Ohio couple’s hilarious thoughts on parenthood.