Teddy bear lost at Blue Ridge Parkway looks for his owners

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 5:23 PM EDT
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At the James River Visitors Center along the Blue Ridge Parkway, like in any public place, things get lost.

“Sometimes," Center Interpreter Corey Schultz said, "Stuff just falls out of people’s pockets.”

But this little guy, a smallish, brown teddy bear, well, he’s more than just stuff.

“You know, it really touched me because when I was about 4 I lost my special blanket," Schultz said. "And when I think of the emotional pain I’ve suffered in my life, I think that was worse than my divorce.”

So she gave him a note while he waited, checked her guestbook, and posted some pictures on social media in hopes this little bear’s people would find him.

“It’s really interesting just to see, you know, how there’s something in human nature that you just want to help when you see something you can do," Schultz said. "And it only takes one second to click share on social media.”

Around a hundred-thousand times now, but still no luck.

So while he was her guest, Schultz has taken him on trips to Natural Bridge and Nelson County.

“Just the human kindness just amazed me that people are taking time out of their day to share a picture of a teddy bear hoping to get it home to a small child,” she said.

So if you know this bear, they’d love to see you again at the James River Visitor Center.

“We’re here, 10 to 5, Wednesday through Sunday, up to October 30th," according to Schultz. "So if you have any clues on the bear, or just want to see an old canal lock, you’re welcome to come join us.”

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