Telvista to lay off 222 employees in Danville

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In Danville - more than 200 people are losing their jobs due to layoffs at one company.

Telvista announced to its employees on July 28 that 222 of them would be losing their jobs.

Telvista is a call center that handles customer service needs for contracted clients.

A spokesperson for the company says the layoffs are due to an unexpected reduction in one of the client's business needs.

They say they recognize this is unfortunate news for employees, families and the community.

"Telvista is working diligently with other internal teams and local agencies to ease the impact of this customer's decision," says Telvista Site Director, Lisa Wallace.

The employees that will be laid off have received an official notice.

Telvista could not comment on what will happen with the 222 employees or how they will assist them going forward.

The mass layoff is expected to happen by the end of September.


More than 200 employees at Telvista will be laid off.

The call center is set to lay off 222 employees at their Danville location, according to a Virginia Warn notice.

The mass layoff is expected to happen by the end of September.

Telvista attributes the mass layoff to a reduction in customer business needs.