The Botetourt County Sheriff's Office warns of IRS scam

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BOTETOURT Co., Va. (WDBJ7) The Botetourt County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of scam artists. These appear most often in the form of mass mailings, email messages or in the form of telephone calls.

Recently, a large number of phone calls referencing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have been brought to the attention of the Botetourt Sheriff’s Office. These calls reference unpaid tax debt and threaten the recipient with arrest. Police say the Internal Revenue Service does not conduct business via the telephone. The sheriff's office says these calls are fraudulent.

Despite such consumer protections as the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the National Do Not Call Registry, fraudulent telemarketers convey promises of huge prizes, fantastic investment returns, and unbelievable deals on all sorts of merchandise, even vacation packages.

Local law enforcement officials are working to uncover these scam artists, but are met with challenges. The clear majority of modern day scam artists are located overseas and their operations are quite mobile.

If you have suspicions, questions or need further information please contact Lieutenant Jeff Stritesky at the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office, (540) 928-2248