'Still have faith and will always have faith'; police are still searching for Tahir Mahmud's killer, two years after his death

DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ)- On September 12, 2017, owner of Joy Food Mart, Tahir Mahmud, was shot and killed in the parking lot of his store.

Tahir Mahmud was killed on September 12, 2017 at his Danville convenience store.

Every once and a while, Kalil Khan will stop by the store, remembering his close friend.

"When people would come to his store, and they didn't have money and wanted a soda or something like that, he would give it to them for free, that's the type of gentleman he was." said Khan.

Khan says still remembers the scene of his friend's murder very vividly and says Mahmud's family is still feeling the impact of his death.

"The loss of Tahir's life has turned his family, his wife and son's life, into a turmoil." said Mahmud.

On the anniversary of his death, the Richmond Division of the FBI announced they've increased the reward for anyone with information about Mahmud's killer to come forward.

Khan still has believes that no matter how long it has been, Mahmud's killer will be brought to justice.

"I rely on the police department, I know they will find the man, still have faith and will always have faith." said Khan.

If you have information about Mahmud's killer, please contact the Richmond Division of the FBI at 804-261-1044 or via TIPS.FBI.GOV .