Market set to bring River District out of being labeled food desert

Published: Aug. 22, 2019 at 5:25 PM EDT
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Crews are in the final phase of preparations at the

in Danville.

Lynn Street Market will be a new fresh food store in Danville's River District that uses innovation to make grocery shopping simple.

Using technology that hasn't been seen in other area grocery stores or restaurants, co-owner Steve DelGiorno says it'll even appeal to those who do not like shopping.

"Something unique the region is a twelve-tapped self-pour beer wall; we'll have a self checkout area that you can access with your finger print." said DelGiorno.

The market will feature new concepts as well, like selling prepped meals for cooks at all levels and hosting cooking classes and parties in their kitchen.

"It was consumers are demanding, you know, quick easy meals that are not fast food if you will, but healthier foods, we think we're going to have good solution." said DelGiorno.

According to FDA standards, a fresh food market is needed in the River District. Since there are no grocery stores nearby, it's considered a food desert.

DelGiorno says that has to change for the district to continue to grow.

"Over 2,000 people living right here in this Downtown Danville area through all of these loft apartments and there are more coming more being built as we speak." said DelGiorno, "so we think the time is right and people are really wanting to have this fresh food market."

The market is looking to hire twenty new employees and is set to open within the next month.

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