The Sensory Center open in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Sensory Center is new to the Roanoke area, and Margaret Glenney, an audiologist, is using her background to help diagnose and treat children with developmental delays, like ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

"...How important hearing was to learning, to language acquisition, to reading, to writing, that's why every newborn gets a hearing test before they leave the hospital. That went through, I think, in the 70's or 80's. This is just as important, it's just not as visible," Glenny said.

When a hearing issue is detected, she looks closer at some cases for developmental delays.

She uses the Irlen Method, where she uses colored paper to test for visual sensitivities, dietary tests, and the Berard Auditory Integrative training.

"That's a training program where you retrain the ear, and it entails a kid listening to filtered music."

She also works at a local school system, where she sees children, parents, and teachers deal with developmental delays

"A lot of the labels that kids are getting these days are actually at its most basic, they're having problems with their hearing."

This is also deeply personal for Glenney, who was motivated to open the Sensory Center after her own grandson was diagnosed with autism. Now, she's hoping to be a help for other families.

"There's a lot that goes on in that first 12 months before an individual actually speaks a meaningful word. They're repeating certain sounds, and if you're not seeing that kind of behavior in your baby it's a reason to get help.”

Glenney says early intervention for children with hearing issues and developmental delays is critical for their learning.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sensory Center, check out their website , email Glenney at , or call 540-525-6108.