New job announcement in Henry County continues area's momentum

COLLINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Governor Ralph Northam has announced the Teal-Jones Group will take over Pine Products in Henry County, investing 21 million dollars and bringing in 67 new jobs.

Governor Northam presents a state flag to the Teal-Jones Group. WDBJ7 photo.

Henry County was chosen by the Teal-Jones Group over sites in Washington and Oklahoma.

"Agricultural and Forestry is the number one industry in the commonwealth and we grow a lot of products and to be able to process them here and export them around the world." said Governor Northam.

County Administrator Tim Hall says they were blown away by the employees at Pine Products.

"He was so impressed with the people that work at that mill already, hard working, get the job down, don't leave until it's done." said Hall.

This was the seventh job announcement for the city and county over the last 13 months, bringing a total of 647 jobs.

Hall says the having area's workforce and organizations like the Harvest Foundation has helped spark development and are great resources to continue bringing new jobs.

"I think it shows confidence in our people and our product and our process, and that goes a long way in making people feel like what they are doing here works." said Hall.

The Harvest Foundation awarded the Teal-Jones Group with $600,000 from its incentive pool.

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