The World of Pandora to open Saturday

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ORLANDO (CNN)- Walt Disney World’s newest attraction, The World of Avatar opens to the public on Saturday.


The attraction is located at Animal Kingdom in Orlando.

The new park is as colorful as the movie complete with towering alien creatures and glowing plants. It was inspired by Director James Cameron’s 2009 film “Avatar.”

"This whole idea started when we saw Jim Cameron's movie 'Avatar,' and we were blown away by the world he created. Because it was so unique, because it felt so real," said Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The attraction took six years and a half billion dollars to build.

Iger also addressed security concerns with such an expansion.

"It's a difficult, unpredictable world and if you're running a business like this, to be mindful of those realities is taking the time, investing in the amount of money necessary to do what you possibly can. Part of my visit here this week was how to get another review on another facet of our safety and security measures here,” said Iger.