The team behind the team: Meeting the backbones of Gretna and Altavista

GRETNA, Va. (WDbJ7) - Fridays are for glory. For four quarters of fame or four quarters of trying your best.

But win or lose, these players wouldn't be the same without the team behind the team.

"I come ready with my cowbell and my horn!” said Gretna mom Angela Mabins.

Whether they're on the sidelines or in the stands, there's a special group of people: moms, dads, fans, and trainers who make sure these Friday night lights shine their brightest.

"I've been here long enough that one of my athletes children, a child, is now my athlete!" laughed Angela Emerson, Altavista High’s athletic trainer.

She's been tending to bruises on and off the field for 15 years.

"I think I do kinda fulfill a mom role on the team a lot of the times," she said.

For her, the job takes education, hard work, and a big heart.

"I would say some of the happiest moments I've had and proudest moments is watching individuals and teams be successful," said Emerson.

"I'm here every Friday night,” said Mabins proudly.

The backbone of any team is family: moms like Angela Mabins.
She’s mom to a quarterback and wife to a coach.

"When I go to work on Monday morning I can't wait for Thursday and Friday nights,” she said. “Because I have a younger son that also plays on the JV team and Friday nights, it’s big game time."

For this baller mom, driving to practice, cooking the meals, and cheering on her team is the best way to show love.

"It shows the kids that you encourage them, that you believe in what they're doing,” Mabins said. “And I'm all about support supporting the kids, whether it's my kid or somebody else's kid."