Therapeutic horse riding center plans 5K Trail Run

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LEXINGTON, Va. Skyler Lipes loves to ride horses at the Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center in Lexington. The center provides an escape for people struggling with physical, mental and emotional problems.

"If they feel like nobody is there for them, the horses are," said Lipes The horses can listen and they can sense when you're upset."

This Saturday, the riding center is holding a 5K Trail Run to help raise money. Organizers said they've been going through some tough times.

Carol Branscome is the director of Hoofbeats. She said the rider fees only pay for the upkeep of the horses. She said these horses provide a unique remedy for people.

"They are the nurturing elementary school teacher, the psychologist, the nurse, the mothers of the horse world and just like you have certain people in the general population who excel at therapeutic work and want to spend their life helping others, these horses are also that," she said.

Lipes said she hopes lots of people sign up so they can see how important these animals are.

"They'll know that they're helping out and help benefiting this," said Lipes."Knowing that they're helping people with depression, autism, and everything."

The 5K run starts at 8 a.m. this Saturday at Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center.