Therapy dog helps out at Rockbridge's Mountain View Elementary

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) “Kids are happy to come in every morning," said Mountain View Elementary teacher Sally Moore. "They see her as they’re getting off the bus.”

That would be Lass, Mountain View Elementary’s therapy dog.

“She’s the one and only therapy dog in the county, and there are not too many schools that have one on site all day,” Moore said.

It all started when teacher she brought Lass in as a treat.

“And we saw such cool promise with the kids interacting with the dog that we started to have conversations later on: Wonder what therapy dogs do?" Principal Lori Teague said. "Do schools use dogs?”

The answer is: Yes, at least here, where even collecting attendance can be used to help out.

“If one of the kids is having a bad day and needs a little lift, then that’s what we do then too," Moore said. "We’ll go get that child, and she’ll spend some time, and we’ll walk around and get the attendance together and it’s a good way to start the day.”

But she’s also there just in case you need her.

“She gravitates toward people or students who are having a bad day and lifts them up," Moore explained.

“They just go and interact with her and get what they need," Teague said. "It’s really fun to watch, fun to watch.”

And in the first days of school, who couldn’t use a little lift?

“Teacher hugs are great to calm those fears," Teague: said. "But dog kisses apparently work a lot more miracles.”

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