No risk to public health as Danville woman enters into voluntary quarantine

DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Leaving food and supplies by the door, Mary Yeu has done whatever she can to help her friend and fellow church member while she's in voluntary quarantine, in fear of spreading the Coronavirus.

Food and supplies are left for Danville woman who is in self quarantine.

"I call her and say I am here, I leave the food outside of her apartment door and she wears the mask all the time even though she is alone." said Yeu.

Yeu's friend, who does not want to reveal her name, spent the last four months visiting family in China.

She chose to cut her visit short and return home after the outbreak started, even though she was in a low-risk area.

Screenings showed she was at low risk of having the virus.

The Danville Pittsylvania County Health Department Director released a statement saying there is no risk to public health, after meeting with the woman.

Dr. Beth Dekoninck with Averett University says people in Danville should be more concerned about a more common virus

"There is really minimal threat to US residents and really a larger concern is the flu. People really need to get vaccinated," said Dekoninck.

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