Thousands are still without power in Danville after Sunday's storm

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Thousands of Danville Utilities customers are still in the dark, but not for a lack of effort. Crews are working 16 hour shifts to get power restored.

Danville Utilities has been working hard since Sunday night at 7:00.
They've even called in outside help, in order to work as quickly as possible.

"We have to clean up everything, get the old wires removed, old poles pulled and removed," says Danville Utilities Director, Jason Grey.

Grey says they have multiple crews devoted to each pole, for safety.

Trees could be found all over the area as well.

A house on Oakhaven Road was destroyed by a giant tree, and just two houses down, another tree fell in the road.

"Part of it's really rotten, but it's a big tree, and fortunately it stopped shy of my house," says a homeowner on Oakhaven Road, Robert Dehart.

Dehart says he understands restoring power takes a long time.

"There's so many power lines down the city can't to everybody at one time, so you're just gonna have to wait," he says.

Grey says hopefully customers won't have to wait too long.

"We have everyone out that can be working and we'll work until the last customer is restored," he says.

Grey says replacing poles takes much longer, and more man power.

He is hoping the power is restored by Tuesday.