Thousands celebrate Altavista's 70th annual Uncle Billy's Day

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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ7) An annual spring tradition in Altavista is celebrating its 70th year.

Thousands turned out for "Uncle Billy's Day" at English Park. Organizers say they had to overcome damage from a severe storm Friday night to keep Saturday's festivities on schedule.

The event features food, live music, and carnival rides, along with arts and crafts and a fireworks show.

"It's an ever evolving festival," said Gil Ragland, chairman of the board for the Altavista Chamber of Commerce. "We're always trying to find something to peak interest, but we have a few of the same old things, too. The carnival, the food vendors, the fried Oreos. Just good fair food!"

Uncle Billy's Day honors a man named Billy Lane, who founded a trade lot in the town for people to sell produce and livestock.