Three suspects related to Danville carjackings have been arrested

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Three suspects related to Danville carjackings that occured on Sept. 26 have been arrested.

Ramello Armon Harris, 23, of Danville, Dominique Lawrence Ortiz, 19, of Danville, and Autumn Renee Price, 21, of Danville have all been charged with carjacking and conspiracy to commit carjacking and are imprisoned in the Danville City Jail without bond.

Harris was charged with use of a firearm during the carjackings.

During one reported carjacking, the suspects attempted an armed robbery on a woman demanding her purse, but failed to retrieve the purse but managed to take her car keys.

If you have any information on the crimes that occured, call 911, the Danville Crime Stoppers at (434) 793-0000, or the Danville Police Department at (434) 799-6508.

Any information given will remain confidential.