Campbell County still recovering one year after tornado

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Monday marked one year since a powerful tornado tore through part of the region.

Several businesses were damaged in the Timberlake Road area of Campbell County. Driving up and down Timberlake Road, it's almost back to normal. Signs are replaced and there are several spots of construction. MedExpress has its wall back and there is scaffolding up at the Floor Show Carpet One showroom.

"Sentimental. There are some days you miss the old building, but you have to realize things will be a lot different," said Chase DeWitt of The Floor Show Carpet One.

A tornado touched down and ripped through his family-owned business.

"Surreal at first, getting a call that your roof is gone, you just go into attack mode. What's next," DeWitt said.

It was the same for others.

"It destroyed both of our buildings," said Scott Davis of Waterlick Garage & Tire. The tornado wiped out the Waterlick Garage and Tire, causing them to move to a small temporary space. Scott Davis said they are anxious and counting down the days till they move.

Now a year later, both men said they are thankful for customers and fellow business owners who lent support.

"Very patient and very understanding," DeWitt said. "Everyone stuck with us, we'd like to thank them for that," Davis added.

As construction wraps, both businesses are months away from new spaces, new beginnings, and new memories.

"We're extremely excited to get in here, we can't wait," Davis said.

"We're excited again to back into our home. A new home, but home all the same," DeWitt added.