Tiny houses appearing in the Roanoke Valley

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VINTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Don Harrison designed an arched cabin with a soaring roof, and about 500 square feet of living space inside.

"I came up with this because I wanted to build something that was easy to build, economical to build and something the owner builder could do themselves," Harrison told WDBJ7.

His first tiny house in Vinton is now rented,

But pictures on Harrison's website show what it looked like when the interior work was completed.

The downstairs includes a kitchen and living area with little room to spare, and a spiral staircase leading to the loft above.

"Years and years ago, people had smaller houses, and they've continually gotten bigger," Harrison said. "I think now we're starting to see them get smaller again and small really seems to be in."

Harrison estimates he spent between $40,000 and $50,000 on this house, but his arched cabin kits are considerably less expensive.

For people with tiny house dreams, he says, small and simple don't have to be boring and plain.